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Welcome Home Celebration

Finding Inspiration in Every Veteran's Trip

FLIGHT #1 of our 2022 Flight Season for Honor Flight Maine is coming up THIS WEEK-END!

Details Below!

Please plan to join us at the Portland Jetport Sunday, May 1st! The surprise “Welcome Home Veterans” Procession starts at 12:30pm
Our South West flight full of Veteran Heroes returning from their trip to their National Memorials in Washington D.C., along with their Guardians, many of them Veterans as well, is scheduled to land Sunday at approx. 11:40.

Well Wishers are asked to arrive and be in the Procession area by Ticketing by 12:15pm. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL EVENT PARKING IS OFFSITE at the State of Maine building at 151 Jetport Blvd. (right across from the runway)with Jetport shuttles eagerly ready every 10 minutes to transport everyone to the Ticketing/Departure entrance where our Procession will take formation! FREE~FUN~PARK and Ride the convenient Shuttle! We suggest you arrive for the convenient shuttle ride between 11:15am and 11:45am!!

Help us make this "Welcome Home" event THE MOST MEMORABLE!! Our Veterans have waited so long!!

for their Honor Flight Maine experience and that special outpouring of acknowledgement, honor, and gratitude for our Veteran's that is years overdue!

Smiles, posters, flags, music, and an abundance of patriotism!
Please plan to join us!

THIS Sunday, May 1st at 12:15pm, with the surprise “Welcome Home Veterans” Procession starting at 12:30pm at the Portland Jetport!
Reminder: Event Parking is only available at 151 Jetport Blvd. the State of Maine Building right by the runway!

FREE & EASY SHUTTLE eagerly waiting for well wishers and transporting approx. every 10 minutes!

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