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Watch this help video first

Please print off the help sections below.

Honor Flight Maine Phone Script

“Hello, this is [__________] – thanks for calling NEWS CENTER Maine’s Honor Flight Telethon. Would you like to make a donation? Wonderful! Will you be using your credit card today?




  • Click on the button that says Create New Bidder

  • Enter First and Last Name

  • Mobile #

  • Email Address- To send their receipt

  • If the want to donate in memory of someone put "In memory of (Name Here)  in the Notes Section

  • Address

  • Zip

  • City

  • State


  • Go to top left of screen and click on Purchase & Payments

  • Click on ADD MISC CHARGE

  • In description put DONATION

  • In Amount enter dollars

  • Click SAVE button

  • Click on ADD PAYMENT

  • Click on Payment Method

  •      If they want to send a check please tell them to send it to:

    • Honor Flight Maine

    • PO Box 1770

    • Portland, ME  04104-1770

  • then click on CHECK and enter 99999 then hit the DONE button


      Click CREDIT CARD for credit card payment

      Enter all CC info then click the DONE button.

      • VERY IMPORTANT-- Click the PROCESS button on the bottom right.  

      • You will see a spinning wheel for a few seconds then it will go away.

      • Click on EMAIL RECEIPT + CLOSE button.   

      • Click their email and hit SEND button.    


  • On the Top Left of screen click on PROFILE DETAILS

  • Near bottom right of screen click on BACK TO SEARCH



You should be back at the original screen and ready to create a new bidder when they call.

If for some reason you have another screen pop up after payment has process simply click done or cancel on that pop upand then go to the  Top Left of screen click on PROFILE DETAILS

If you lose your place you can always SEARCH for their last name then click their profile to proceed where you left off.

Volunteer FAQ

When should I be ready to start my shift?



Please be set up and ready to go 15 minutes prior to your volunteer time. We will begin to switch out cell numbers (the public will never have your number) as the shifts change so it will be helpful if you are set and ready to go. Lag time at the end of your shift may be up to 15 minutes as we switch out the phone numbers. Have your chargers for laptops and cell phones ready to go

If a donor does not want to provide an email address for a credit card donation, please use

End Of Shift. 


Please be aware that the overlap time with the next shift is 15 mins as their phones are turned on. There is potential for your phone to ring up to 15 mins after your shift is over. All you have to do is listen to the prompt and push the number that rejects the call. Or you can take the donation. Your choice.


Kim Charland

Phone: 207-450-1343


If you have technical issues.

Call, email, or text:


Kim Charland

Phone: 207-450-1343


Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. Callers should consult with their tax professional for questions about individual deductions, etc.

What if the caller has a question I can not answer.

  • Write down their name and number to reach them at.

  • Tell them someone will call them back.

  • Email Kim from NEWS CENTER Maine with caller’s name, number, and question. We will then call them back as soon as we can.


Kim Charland

Phone: 207-450-1343


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